Meet Kristin

Beauty has always been a big part of who I am. I remember as a little girl sneaking into my Granny’s vanity to get into her Cherry Red Cover Girl lipstick. I always loved the feeling of sass and pride that I felt rocking those red lips. Not just because I knew I was breaking the rules, but because it was an outward expression of how I felt on the inside.

As I got older, makeup and beauty became something altogether different. It became a beautiful fusion of something I loved, art, and power. Not power in the traditional sense, but the power to totally change how someone felt about themselves. Throughout college, beauty became a beloved hobby for me. Then after time, through word of mouth and experience, it developed into a career. Eventually it led me to work for MAC Cosmetics. I received amazing training and experience with MAC and credit the majority of my makeup art skills to the company.

After leaving MAC cosmetics to pursue a freelance career I still felt a desire to further my skill and purpose in the art. With the help of dear friends, I was able to volunteer with the Lydia Project to help women recovering from cancer treatment to feel their best. This experience led me to research and learn more about the art of microblading, something I had a seen in the latest beauty trends. You see, most women that have to endure chemotherapy for cancer treatment do not regain their brows back; or if their brows do grow back, its very sparse. This perked my interest in pursuing microblading even more.

After researching many training facilities, I decided to train with Lavish Beauty + Brow in St. Mary, Florida. I began my career shortly after training and have been blessed with a booming business ever since. I look forward to a future of helping more and more women and/or men feel their best through makeup and microblading art.


I with the work that Kristin has done for me. She is a true expert in her field, and an artist in every sense of the word. If you're even thinking about having Kristin microblade your eyebrows, go for it -- you won't regret it!!
“I couldn't be happier with the results. This procedure absolutely achieved the results I wanted without the unnatural look of the pencils and gel.  It completely changed my appearance. I'm one happy customer and highly recommend Kristin. She is a true artist at what she does.”
“I’ve always had sparse and uneven brows my whole life and have never had any lashes. Kristin not only gave me gorgeous brows but also got me hooked on Lash Boost, now I have lashes and brows on point! I would definitely recommend her for all things beauty!”
“Kristin is the ultimate professional. My brows fell out and never grew back. I had to draw them on every day and constantly touch them up. Kristin gave me the most beautiful natural looking brows in 2 hours! I feel like a new person. I wake up with beautiful brows and never have to touch them!”
“Not only is Kristin a fun and kind person, she is extremely skilled at what she does. I should have done this sooner. I’ve never been more happy with my brows not to mention how much time I save getting ready for work. Thank you Kristin for my perfect brows!”
“Having Microblading done was quick and virtually painless. Kristin is a true artist and very sweet and professional. I was VERY pleased with my results and without a doubt I’ll be going back when I need it retouched.”